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Clip List of  Govt.Officer  |   Transfers
Clip NoCategorySubjectName of PaperDate of PublishRemark
A-2016-06-13-1400Govt.OfficerTransfersDB12-Jun-163rd & 4th grade officer (until july15)
A-2016-06-13-1400-CGovt.OfficerTransfersDB12-Jun-163rd & 4th grade officer (until july15)
A-2016-06-13-1493Govt.OfficerTransfersND12-Jun-16June 15 to July -15
A-2016-06-13-1493-CGovt.OfficerTransfersND12-Jun-16June 15 to July -15
A-2016-06-13-1501Govt.OfficerTransfersNB12-Jun-16June 15 to July -15
A-2016-06-13-1501-CGovt.OfficerTransfersNB12-Jun-16June 15 to July -15
A-2016-06-15-1596Govt.OfficerTransfersCG12-Jun-16Not transfer from 35 years Pithaura
A-2016-06-16-1744Govt.OfficerTransfersBH16-Jun-16Application 15 june-15 july