MSF is a Public Trust, set up in 1995 in the memory of Shri Mayaram Surjan

Subject List
Bore mining
Cannabis (Ganja)
Cough syrup
Fake Caste Certificate
Forest Cancellation
Ilegal Encroachment
Illegal weapon
Illegal Abortion
Illegal Acquisition
Illegal Allottment
Illegal Aluminium
Illegal Aluminium Carrying Truck
Illegal Appointment
Illegal Arms
Illegal Banner Poster
Illegal Bed
Illegal Blasting
Illegal Bore
Illegal bore mining
Illegal Boundary Wall
Illegal Brick Furnace
Illegal bricks
Illegal building
Illegal Building Construction
Illegal Buisness
Illegal Business
Illegal Call Center
Illegal Cannabis
Illegal capture
Illegal Cartridge
Illegal Clinic
Illegal coal
Illegal Coal Kiln
Illegal Coal Mining
Illegal Coal Selling
Illegal Coal Stock
Illegal Collection
Illegal Colonies
Illegal Colony
Illegal Colony Ploting
Illegal construction
Illegal Construction Work
Illegal Constrution
Illegal Cracker
Illegal cracker shop
Illegal Crackers
Illegal Crusher Plant
Illegal Currency
Illegal Cutting
Illegal cutting of trees
Illegal Cylinders
Illegal Dairies
Illegal Degree
Illegal Diesel
Illegal Drugs
Illegal Electric Connection
Illegal Encroachment
Illegal Engine Oil Business
Illegal enroachment
Illegal enrochment
Illegal Excavation
Illegal Factory
Illegal Food Godown
Illegal Gambling
Illegal Gas Refilling
Illegal Godown
Illegal Gold
Illegal Gutka
Illegal Hoarding
Illegal Hoardings
illegal Hordings
Illegal Hospital
Illegal Hotel
Illegal Hukka Bar
Illegal Hunting
Illegal Iiqior
Illegal incroachment
Illegal Intoxicating medicine
Illegal Iron Ore
Illegal Kerosene
Illegal Kerosene Oil
Illegal Land Encroachment
Illegal land enroachment
Illegal land selling
Illegal Liquor
Illegal Liquor business
Illegal Liquor selling
Illegal Liquor Shop
Illegal LPG Cylinder
Illegal Marriage palace
Illegal Milk Dairy
Illegal Mineral
Illegal Mineral Transportation
Illegal Mines
Illegal Mining
Illegal Mining & Transportation
Illegal mining transportation
Illegal Mobile Tower
Illegal Mobile Towers
Illegal Money
Illegal Muroom Excavation
Illegal Nursing Home
Illegal Oil Company
Illegal Organic manure
Illegal Paddy
Illegal Paddy Purchasing
Illegal Paint Factory
Illegal Parking
Illegal Pathology Lab
Illegal Pipe Connection
Illegal plastic factory
Illegal platforms
Illegal Ploting
Illegal Plotting
Illegal Polythene
Illegal Polythene Carry Bag
Illegal possession
Illegal Poster
Illegal Purchasing
Illegal Recovery
Illegal Refilling Center
Illegal Relation
Illegal Residential Construction
Illegal Road Construction
Illegal Sand Excavation
Illegal sand mining
Illegal Scrap
Illegal Seized
Illegal Selling
Illegal Shop
Illegal Shops
Illegal silver
Illegal Tap connection
Illegal teak
Illegal Teak Wood
Illegal teakwood
Illegal Telephone Exchange
Illegal Timber
Illegal Toilet Construction
Illegal Toll Plaza
Illegal Tower
Illegal township
Illegal Trading of cartridges
Illegal transport
Illegal Transport of quartz Gallore
Illegal Transportation
Illegal Transpotation
Illegal Tree Cuting
Illegal Tree cutting
Illegal tree felling
Illegal tree Transportation
Illegal Vehicle
Illegal Vending
Illegal Vendors
Illegal Water Tax Connection
Illegal Weapon
Illegal Weapon Factory
Illegal weapons
Illegal weapons Factory
Illegal Wood
Illegel Business
Illegel Construction
Illegel Excavation
Illegel Exhumation(Utkhanan)
Illegel Gutkha Seizd
Illegel Liquor
Illegel Plating
Illegel Tower
Illegel Transpotation
Illegel Tree Cutting
Illegel Weapon
Kerosene Oil
Liquor brewing
Liquor Licence
Liquor Shop
llegal Tree Cutting
Mining Department
Petty Shop
Polythene Carry Bag
Property Dealer
Teak tree cutting
Teak wood Transport