MSF is a Public Trust, set up in 1995 in the memory of Shri Mayaram Surjan

Subject List
Archeological Deptt
Income tax declaration scheme
Aadim Jati Kalyan Vibhan
Agriculture Department
Agriculture Deptt.
Animal Husbandry Department
Animal Husbandry Department
Animal Husbandry Deptt
Animal Husbandry Deptt.
Animal medicine Deptt.
Animal's Husbandry Dept
Archaeological Excavation
Archaeology Deptt.
Archeological Deptt.
Archeological Heritage Museum-Raigarh
Archeology & Cultural Deptt
Ayurveda Department
Bar Licence
C.G.Handicraft Development Board
C.G.Tourism Deptt.
Central Crime Branch
Central Pollution Control Board
Chhattisgarh Horticulture Deptt.
Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Association
Chhattisgarh Road Corpn.
ChhattisgarhWomen & Child Development Deptt.
Child Development Department
Child Protection Commission
Child Right Act.
Child Right Conservation Deptt
Child Right Conservation deptt.
Civil Engineer
Commercial department
Commercial tax department
Commercial Tax Deptt
Crime Branch
CSCDRC(C.G. state Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission)
CSCSC(C.G.State Civil Supplies Corporation)
CSRDC(Chhattisgarh State Road Development Corporation)
Cultural & Arceology Department
Cultural Deptt.
Culture & Archaeology Department
Culture & Archeology Dept
Culture &Archeology Dept
Department Of Commerce
Department of Public Grievance Redressal
Department of Water Resources
Deptt. of Archeology & Culture
Deptt. of Archeology & Heritage
Deptt. Of Culture & Heritage
DFO Officer
Disaster Management Department
District Education Department
District TB Deptt.
Education Department
Education Deptt.
Election Deptt.
Electricity Deptt.
Employment Office
Enviornment Deptt.
Environment and Horticulture Deptt.
Environment Conservation Board
EOW Department
Excise Department
Excise Deptt
Excise Deptt.
Family welfare department
Finance Deptt.
Fire Brigade
Fire Brigade Department
Fire Brigade Deptt.
Fire Department
Fire Deptt.
Fire fighting team
Fishri Deptt.
Food & Drugs Department
Food and drugs department
Food Department
Food Safety Act
Food Security officer
Forest Department
Forest Dept.
Forest Deptt
Forest Deptt.
Forest Rights Act
Govt. Deptt.
Govt. Offices
Gram Udyog Vibhag
Ground water survey department
Ground water Training Center
GSI(Geological Survey Of India)
Handicrafts Department
Health & Family Welfare Deptt.
Health & Family Welfare Dept.
Health and Family Welfare Department
Health Department
Health Deptt.
Heritage & historical places
Home Ministry
Horticulture Deptt.
Housing & Environment Department
Human Resource Development Deptt.
Income Tax
Income tax Department
Income Tax Dept.
Income Tax Deptt
Income tax deptt.
India Post Payments Bank
Indian Archeology Survey Unit
Industries Deptt.
Industry & Commercial Deptt
Irrigation Department
Irrigation Deptt.
Irrigation Project
Labour Department
Labour Deptt.
Livestock development department
Livestock development department(????? ????? ?????)
Mahila Commission
Meteorological dept
Metrological Deptt.
MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource Development)
Mineral and Forest Dept.
Mineral Deptt.
Mineral resource Deptt(???? ?????? ?????)
Mineral Resourse Deptt.
Mining Department
Mining Deptt.
N.A.N.Scam(Civil Supplies Corporation)
Nagar Apurti Nigam
Nagar Nigam
National Green Tribunal
National Human Resource Deptt.
National Human Rights Organisation
Online payment
P.W.D Department
P.W.D Deptt.
Panchyat Deptt.
Pashudhan Vikas Nigam
PHE Department
PHE Deptt.
PHQ Deptt.
Police Department
Police Dept.
Police Deptt
Police Deptt.
Police firing
Police Headquarters
Pollution Deptt.
Post Office
Postal Deptt.
PUC Certificate (Pollution Under Control)
PWD Department
PWD Dept.
PWD Deptt.
R.T.O Deptt.
Railway Crime Branch
Registration and Print Deptt.
Registration Department
Reshuffling (??????)
Revenue & Disaster Management Deptt.
Revenue Department
Revenue Dept.
Revenue Deptt.
RTO Department
RTO Deptt
RTO Deptt.
Sale tax deptt
School Education Department
School Education Deptt.
Seed Corporation
Seed Development Corporation
Smart chip card license
Social Welfare Department
Social Welfare Deptt.
Special duty
Sports & Youth Welfare Deptt.
Sports department
State Administrative deptt
Telecom Deptt.
Tourism board
Tourism Deptt
Tourism Deptt.
Town & Country Planning Deptt.
Town and country planning Deptt.
Trade Tax Deptt.
Traffic department
Traffic Dept.
Traffic Deptt.
Traffic Police Department
Traffic Police Deptt.
Transport Department
Transport Dept.
Transport Deptt.
Transport Vehicle
Transportation Deptt.
Trasnport Deptt
Tribal Deptt.
Tribal Development
Tribal Welfare Department
Tribal Welfare Dept.
Tribal Welfare Deptt.
Trible Wellfare Department (T.W.D.)
Urban administration department
Urban Administration Deptt.
Van Ausadhi Board
Veterinary assistant surgeons union
Veterinary department
Veternary Department
Water Reservoir Deptt.
Water Resource Deptt
Water Resource Deptt.
Water resources department
Weather Centre
Weight & Measurement Department
Weight & Measurement Dept.
Weight & Measurement Deptt
Weight and measurement
Woman & Child development Deptt.
Women & Child Dept.
Women & Child Development Deptt
Women and Child Development Department
Women and Child Development Deptt.
WRD(Water Resources Deptt.)