MSF is a Public Trust, set up in 1995 in the memory of Shri Mayaram Surjan

All India Journal Competition

The All India Journal Competition was started by the Foundation as an Annual event in 1996.

All India Journal Competition was started with the following objectives :

  • To recognize, encourage and honour the enormous, hidden and unsung creative labour which goes into bringing out inhouse and other non-commercial special-interest journals.
  • To underline and emphasize the importance of a very efective communication tools in broadcasting a positive image among the people about the
    • Role of Corporate Sector in nation-building
    • Mission & field work being done by the NGO's.
    • eople & Culture of foreign lands through their Diplomatic Missions in India.

Award Winners

The Jury
Shri Sudip Banerjee, IAS
Poet, Public Relation expert and senior Administrator.
Former Director General of National Literary Mission.
Dr. K. K. Chakravarti, IAS
Archeoligist, Art Historian and Senior Administrator.
Shri Dayaram Chawda
World-famous photographer.
Justice Gulab Gupta
Former Chief Justice, Himachal Pradesh High Court.
Former Vice - Chancellor of Jabalpur University
Shri Sunil Kumar, IAS
Public Relations Expert
Jt. Secretary, Govt. Of India
Shri B.K.S Ray, IAS
Poet and Satirist.
Add. Chief Secretary, Govt. Of India
Shrimati Indira Mishra
Author of Several Books,
Addl. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Chhattisgarh.
Shri P.S.Shetty
Veteran Advertising Professional.
Shri V.P.Pahwa
Eminent magazine & book Publisher
Shri R.P.Tiwari
Public Relation Expert.
Shri Madhukar Upadhyay
Former Editor, PTI-Bhasha.
Dr. Sushil Trivedi
Shri Niranjan Mahawar
Shri C.K.Khaitan, IAS
Dr. Subhash Atre

The Trophy

The award trophy, given to each winner is a beautifully handcrafted piece of art. It shows a man atop a SULPHI tree ( a kind of palm found in Bastar), whose sap has mild intoxication properties. It represents human's eternal quest of knowledge, itch to explore, will to achieve and wish to conquer new heights, frontiers and horizons. It has been especially designed for us by master craftman Jaidev Baghel, the Bastar-bon tribal artist of international fame. Recently, Raipur University has conferred upon the artist the honorary degree of D.Lit.

The Memento of All India Journal Competition

The memento, presented to the members of the jury and guests of honour, is also a beautiful piece of art, created by another master craftsman, Govndram Jhara, an internationally famous artist from tribal district of Raigarh in Eastern Chhattisgarh. It's a KARMA tree, depicting and representing celebration of life. It calls upon the mankind to accept life in its fullness from life to death & to explore richness of life bestowed upon us.

Jaideo Baghel

Govind Ram Jhara

The trophy and the memento, both are made of bell-metal through lost-vex technique, a craftsmanship typical to tribal Chhattisgarh and adjoining eastern provices.